Daniel Auf der Mauer – Photographer

Mzayna – Bedouins of the Sinai


Bedouins of the Sinai – of Old and New

Photo Book
Introduction by Salim Alafenisch
144 pages
94 photographs
20 x 28 cm
ISBN 978-3-7165-1711-6

Published 2012 by Benteli Publishers

Shortlist German Photo Book Award 2013



Review by NZZ am Sonntag

For centuries the bedouins of the Sinai have lived in Egypt according to their own original rules, which are shaped by traditional tribal culture. Cattle breeding, religion and family determine their daily routine. But the social structure and identity of the desert dwellers are beginning to disintegrate. The bedouins are increasingly confronted with modern media, western values and urban lifestyles that focus on individuality and emancipation. Is the bedouin era coming to an end?

Photographers Anina Gmür and Daniel Auf der Mauer and ethnologist Katrin Biallas accompany three bedouins from the Mzayna people in their everyday lives. A man and two women from different generations talk about their personal perception of the changes in their world. The pictures let you participate in the discussions around the campfire, smell the cardamom coffee, breathe in the smoke – the book speaks intimately about the bedouin's fears and hopes, about old and new days.